Prescript Assist Announcement

I’ve recommended Prescript-Assist as one of my top choices for probiotics for many years. I like that it contains soil-based organisms that mimic the natural flora found in ancestral diets. I’ve also found it to be effective, well-tolerated by most people (including those that don’t tolerate other probiotics), and easy to use and travel with (since it doesn’t require refrigeration). I know that hundreds of my patients, and thousands of my readers and listeners, have benefited from it—and the same is true for my family and me.

This is why I’m disappointed to let you know that I will no longer be selling Prescript-Assist on my website, as it is coming off the market in its current form.

The CEO of Enviromedica, which has long distributed Prescript-Assist, informed me that the company has discontinued distribution of this product. He was distraught, as he knows that I’ve been a huge advocate of Prescript-Assist and that many of you have come to rely on it.

Enviromedica made this decision because the manufacturer of Prescript-Assist made a substantial change in ingredients. The result is that the product is now vastly different from the original formula, which had been tested and clinically verified. The new product no longer meets Enviromedica’s quality standards.

They made clear that discontinuing the product was not something they wanted to do, but once the ingredients and manufacturing practices changed, the decision was made for them. And I respect them for making it.

When I sat down to draft this note to you, I also considered some of the questions you may have:

Is Prescript-Assist safe?

The Prescript-Assist with the puzzle-piece logo on its label is the one Enviromedica distributed. It has been clinically tested and verified and has been used safely for many years. Unfortunately, very soon there will be no more inventory of it on the market. I have already sold out all of the inventory on my website. I know Enviromedica sells the product through their site, so you can try to get it there for as long as it is available.

Is the Prescript-Assist on the market that does not have the puzzle-piece logo the old or new version?

The only Prescript-Assist product ever inspected and distributed by Enviromedica has its puzzle-piece branded label. My understanding is that any Prescript-Assist product being sold under a different (albeit similar) label does not have the original ingredients. If you are unsure about the product you have, please email a picture of your product to Enviromedica at; they told me they will get back to you quickly with an answer.

Are there other products on the market like Prescript-Assist? What can I recommend?

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no product that I know to have a blend of organisms and clinical efficacy similar to that of Prescript-Assist. That said, I have been using Primal Probiotics from Primal Nutrition with my patients as an alternative, and getting good results. Like Prescript-Assist, it has a blend of acid- and bile-resistant strains that can survive the digestive process, it doesn’t require refrigeration, it contains a prebiotic, and it is generally well-tolerated. Primal Probiotics also contains Lactobacillus plantarum, a strain that has been shown to break down methane-producing microorganisms. This could be helpful for people with methane-predominant SIBO.

Why couldn’t Enviromedica just find another manufacturer?

As the distributor of the product, and not the brand holder, Enviromedica does not control who manufactures it. Enviromedica manufactures all of its other products and only made the exception for Prescript-Assist because of its quality and proven effectiveness.

If you have any other questions about the specifics of this situation, please contact Enviromedica directly at